We have the collaboration of an administrative body made up of 5 members, the operational body with 4 members and a faculty made up of 19 teachers, professors, and assistants.

Multiculturalism also prevails among Dolphin’s and Pacific collaborators, out of 28 collaborators only 9 are Costa Rican, reaffirming once again the richness of learning at our institution.

Each teacher and professor on campus makes a sum of more than 130 years of experience, professionalism, and vocation in charge of the educational process of their students.

Dolphin’s and Pacific teaching staff have the experience and motivation that a student always has behind them throughout their individual and personalized learning process.



Mrs. Melissa Elizondo



Mrs. Nicole Zuniga

Academic Secretary


Mrs. Karin Nogueira

Administrative Assistant


Miss Jenifer Torres

Academic Coordinator


Mrs. Adriana Salas

Preschool Coordinator


Miss Jessica Torres

Financial Department


Miss Jessica Gutierrez

Guidance Counselor & Psychologyst

Meet The Teachers


Teacher Arelis Medina

Early Stimulation &

"Teaching is training other people with a vocation.
Teaching is an activity that is carried out in conjunction with home and school, it is an experience that is based on love, tolerance and commitment. When I watch my students develop their capabilities, accomplish their accomplishments, and be amazed at what they do, there are no words to describe how special it is to see them as the wonderful beings that are unique and special."


Teacher Dyanne Badilla

Preschool &

"For me to educate is to ensure that children are capable of having a critical thought towards life, it is to give them tools to develop a better future. Educating in the preschool area is opening minds and touching little hearts in a positive way."


Teacher Adriana Salas

Elementary School & Language Arts

"Being a teacher is my passion, it is my vocation, it is what I like the most in the world! Being able to be part of the life of a child and leave a mark of good in them."


Teacher Rita Bernal

Elementary School

"For me to teach is to create curiosity and amazement about everything that surrounds us, and thereby make my students want to investigate and learn more, and together with them I continue to learn too."


Teacher Ruth Villavicencio

Elementary School
& Social Studies

"Being a teacher gives me the opportunity to help in the formation of competent, resilient and interested citizens in creating and contributing to a more just and equitable society."


Teacher Yancy Lainez

Elementary School

"Educating is transforming learning into meaningful experiences so that future generations can be resilient to any change or circumstance in life. I am passionate about what I do, I teach with my heart, that is my vocation."


Teacher Daniela Torres

Elementary School
Mathematics & Language Arts

"Education is when a teacher becomes a compass that activates the magnets of knowledge, which facilitates learning, which is a guide, reinforces values, develops skills and makes students' wisdom shine."


Teacher Marco Garcia

Elementary School
STEM & Computer Science

To educate according to T Marco:
... "is to be a forger of new perspectives, of social changes and of good. It is to train men and women with a spirit of good, who are consolidated in fundamental values, such as the creation of a better world in which we want to live ... "


Teacher Jenifer Torres

High School
Physics & Chemistry

Educating for me is giving tools for life, guiding the way, showing that there are solutions to adversity, expressing emotions of love, surprise, creativity and imagination, strengthening by example the minds and hearts of my students, enriching them in values and knowledge.


Teacher Jessica Gutierrez

Personal Growth &

"For me, educating consists of training students to become autonomous and creative people. Education is teaching values, knowledge, habits and behaviors from an early age, providing not only conceptual but emotional knowledge that allows them to live fully in society, highlighting their individual qualities."


Teacher Gerado Paez

High School
Civics & Social Studies

"Being an educator represents the responsibility of acquiring a part of the infinite human knowledge to know how to transmit it to future generations in order to perpetuate the survival and knowledge of the species."


Teacher Carolina Salazar

High School

For me to teach:
"It is not stopping learning and opening in my children the doors of curiosity to go further; that they learn to destroy limits and walls and that they always build paths that take them further, that they have the conviction that their dreams are the best in the world, because they are the world."
Sincerely: T. Caro📚


Teacher Iratxe Casado

High School
Biology, Marine Biology & Science

"Education is the most valuable weapon we have to be able to train conscientious and responsible people. Helpful and committed people. To train people capable of overcoming life's difficulties and always willing to fight and help others to make this world a better place."


Teacher Jessy Aguilar

High School

"For me to teach is to love what I do and to be able to enjoy the beautiful profession that I have, the students surprise us and I would always choose to discover something new and fully develop the capacities of each one to obtain meaningful learning"

Matthew Zoch.jpg

Teacher Matthew Zoch

Language Arts
5th, 6th Grades & Advanced

"I chose to teach because it allows me to keep learning and growing in knowledge while teaching the students and watching them grow as people. Every day is different and it is never boring. I love having the opportunity to be creative and get the students to learn in new and interesting ways."


Teacher Jessica Angulo

Physical Education

"The teaching of physical education consists of a set of strategies that promote physical and mental conditioning suitable for the growth of all, it is to be able to exercise skills and abilities, such as balance, flexibility, speed, strength and also, strength of being healthy people and aware of individual physical well-being."


Teacher Luciana Hiller

Arts & Theatre

"Teaching is giving everything and not keeping anything, it is constant learning. It is the most powerful weapon to end inequality of rights. Teaching is loving your neighbor as yourself."

Lucrecia Jiménez.jpg

Teacher Lucrecia Jimenez

Industrial Arts


Christina Hawkins.jpg

Christina Hawkings

Language Arts Intermediate
& Math
3rd and 4th Grades


Eliza Argueta.jpeg

Eliza Argueta
Financial Administration Specialist

Finance Club

"I have the opportunity to teach from an early age the importance of knowing how to manage the resources we have and thus be able to achieve financial freedom.
Teaching for life is a unique opportunity in the world!"


Spanish As A Second Language (SSL)

"Teaching is offering tools so that people can develop in the different fields of life. One of the situations in which a teacher's guidance is really appreciated is when we are in a country with a language different from ours, since we need to know the language in order to communicate. For me it is very motivating to help foreign people who have settled in Costa Rica discover the use of Spanish. Seeing how they are progressing and knowing that they are applying that knowledge on a daily basis is a huge reward."

Teacher Alexia Costa


Andrea Mojica

English As A Second Language (ESL)



Teacher Patricia Mendez

Elementary School
Plastic Arts &
Environmental Education

"Educating for me is promoting the acquisition of abilities and skills, being a facilitator of knowledge and good habits through different activities that allow the student to develop physical and intellectual capacities; is sharing feelings, giving the best of oneself to each student, teaching with love and patience, reinforcing values, and making each day the best for each one."


Mrs. Maria T. Colmenares


Greivin Bolaños




Rowayne Kirkham

Early Stimulation

Lissa .jpg

Lissa Bonilla


Greivin Bolaños.jpg

Maintenance & Cleaning Team


Sisinio Alvarado

Operations Director


Mauricio Moraga

Maintenance & Cleaning


Carlos Mendoza

Maintenance & Cleaning


Gabriela silva

Maintenance & Cleaning