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Studies have shown that a bilingual program achieves the best academic performance.

Many students meet the goal of performing at grade level in both languages. With a continuing bilingual education, some students can exceed grade level expectations in both languages!

Participation in a developed bilingual education program provides the student with a series of advantages:

1. The ability to communicate in other English-speaking countries
2. Development of support for relationships within the family
3. The perfection of pronunciation (especially among younger students).
4. Multicultural education / acceptance / equality.
5. Improved problem solving skills.
6. Greater access to career opportunities in the future.

The student has equal access to a comprehensive education in order to contribute to the growth of their own society, whether the primary language is English or Spanish. In addition, the student will develop skills and tools that are important to second language learning and will use these same skills to achieve a higher level of success in their first language.

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