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We are located in one of the most diverse geographical areas of Costa Rica, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, at the slopes of a mountain in Playas del Coco, in the heart of Guanacaste, with more than 20,000 m2 of land dedicated to recreation and recreation. didactics, sports fields, and ecology laboratories.


Founded since 2005 and growing one level at a time each year we have innovated, expanded, and built a solid educational institution serving the community.

We have a population of approximately 150 students of 21 different nationalities, where 35% of them are Costa Rican natives.

The classes that take place inside the classroom have innovative technological resources, such as stationary projectors, smart boards, electronic devices, library and digital communication platform for each student and family, laboratories, and didactic teaching platforms, etc; We provide educational teaching services for preschool, elementary and high school grades, we admit students from 1.5 years old.

Our campus is adapted to comply with the 7600 law and with all the health security protocols regulated by the Ministry of Health for pandemic situations.


In the Dolphin's and Pacific campus, a very comfortable, safe, and spacious environment prevails, with a firm feeling of Costa Rican culture, classrooms equipped and comfortably equipped, among gardens, orchards, recreational spaces, recreational parks, hammocks, and other areas, that make the daily experience of our students unique and unforgettable moments full of curiosity, emotions, and learning.

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