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Academic, Complementary Subjects & Workshops

The Dolphin's Academy School curriculum is an accredited and endorsed curriculum by the MEP (Ministry Of Public Education), it complies with the national study programs under the Eduvisión curriculum and develops the academic content of recognized international academic curricula such as Oxford for English Language Arts, Pearson for Science , Calvert for World History and Mathematics with the Singapore method for Mathematics.

Academics With International Curriculum



- English Language Arts

-World Geography

-World History


Academics With National Curriculum

-Social studies
-Civic education



-Physical education
-Environmental education
-Plastic arts
-Computer Science
-Science lab
-General culture
-Personal growth

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Workshops & Clubs

-Yoga (Stretching and Breathing)
-Folk dance
-Marine biology
-Aerial acrobatics
-Industrial arts*
(*) Workshops Included in the school hours.

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