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Dolphin’s Academy School is a private educational institution, located in Barrio Monteseco in Playas del Coco, Carrillo, Guanacaste. It was born in 2005, as a personal need in common of a group of friends, fathers and mothers of the family and acquaintances, which was to provide a space that fulfilled the function of a nursery, hiring a teacher to teach them to socialize in a way fun to the sons and daughters of this group of friends and acquaintances. That said, the adventure begins on the terrace of the Alvarado Elizondo Family's house.
As the months passed, the group grew, the needs within the community also grew and with much love and dedication the owners achieved what at that time began as Centro Infantil Los Delfines (Dolphins Daycare Center), which in 2010 would become Dolphin's Academy School, to give way to a solid educational institution that is maintained over time, committed to providing quality teaching, with international standards, truly bilingual, of social commitment, attended by education professionals, serving children from 1.5 years in early stimulation, up to junior high school students.

By 2014, the opening of a secondary or college in a totally different building began with great enthusiasm which gave continuity in this way to the amplitude of the project at all levels to provide our young people with the comprehensive education of success that has been provided always in preschool, school and at that time starting with high school.

Throughout the history of this great institution, and with the financial support of the families that make it up, a large number of students have been granted scholarships, and more than 50% of the families that have belonged have been financially supported by the institution which has been able to demonstrate through its graduate students that with dedication, effort and commitment the proposed objectives can be met, one can dream big and what is better, the goals can be met. To this date 100 % of graduates are fulfilling their dreams in national and international universities, they are on their way to professionalize themselves with the foundations and support that their family gave them by choosing Dolphin's Academy School as their second home, their school and high school.

Dolphin's Academy School since its inception, has received students, families and collaborators from more than 27 countries around the world, has taught English and Spanish to native, second, third and even fourth language students and has received teachers of different nationalities. This Cultural richness makes us a multicultural and multilingual school and high school that stands out for its respect for differences and appreciation for diversity. Dolphin’s Academy School has also stood out for its social commitment, its educational support in the community, its great potential for solidarity with families and its hard work in favor of environmental education. It is an educational center where children and young people have the opportunity to develop their artistic creativity, their sports skills, their social skills, experiment through collaborative learning and create freely according to their possibilities and interests.

This educational institution, both academically and disciplinary, has and is governed by its own regulations, respecting the Regulations for the Evaluation of Learning and the Code of Discipline and the guidelines and policies established by the MEP (Ministerio De Educacion Publica [Ministry Of Public Education]) of Costa Rica.

Growth Over Time

As a relatively new educational institution inspired by the step-by-step development of childhood and adolescence within a safe environment; we have proposed to grow, evolve, and renew with the following growth plan:

2005 - Opening of the Los Delfines Children's Center

2009 - Creation of Dolphin’s Academy School with recognition of the MEP in Preschool.

2010 - Construction of the grades of Primary School and Accreditation I and II C of the MEP.

2014 - Expansion and acquisition of the Campus in Barrio Monteseco.

2017 - MEP Accreditation for III C and Diversified. Inclusion of digital platform of readings, Inclusion of the Technological Laboratory.

2018 - First Promotion of Baccalaureate of Formal Education. Equipment of the building in Monteseco for classes I, II, III Cycle and Diversified.

2019 - Construction of a Technology Laboratory for school and college.

2021 - Expansion of recreation and leisure areas and creation of ecological laboratories. Construction of additional classrooms begins.

2022 - Strengthen the technological team. Expansion of sports areas. Creation of music classroom and a farm.



2010 - MEP Recognition Accreditation for Maternal, Interactive I and II, Transition levels. under resolution number CP 0002-2010-MEP

2012 - MEP Recognition Accreditation for Cycle I and II levels of Basic General Education, under resolution number

2017 - MEP Recognition Accreditation for the levels of III Cycle, Basic General Education and Diversified Teaching, under resolution number

2014 to date - Ecological Blue Flag with 4 stars, awarded by the BAE Program of the MEP.

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