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At Dolphins Academy from an early age we seek to provide a welcoming, healthy and safe environment so that our students, from the very young, can learn, grow and excel in an integral way. We focus on discovering, reinforcing and developing each of the skills in our students. This period consists of four grades: Maternal, PreKinder, Kinder and Preparatory, it serves ages from 1.5 years to 5.11 years.

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Elementary School

In our elementary grades we seek that our students learn hand in hand with both national and world reality. This in order that they themselves forge their criteria from an early age to be citizens of the world prepared to face any circumstance. This period consists of two cycles with three grades each: First, second and third grade make up the first cycle, fourth, fifth and sixth grade make up the second cycle, serving ages 6 and up.

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High School

In this educational period our main objective is to prepare our students in a comprehensive way so that they can face the world reality in a committed way, making decisions that benefit world society. All this through a quality education in all its areas, showing the way forward in his university stage. This period consists of two cycles, seventh, eighth and ninth of the third cycle and tenth and eleventh of the diversified education cycle.

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