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Costa Rica is located within a tectonically active zone, characterized mainly by the subduction process of the Coconut plate under the Caribbean plate, along the Mesoamerican Trench, which makes our country and our province prone to earthquakes and tsunamis In addition to being a tropical country, the climate can give us some natural events such as hurricanes, floods and windy droughts that contribute to the spread of forest fires.

Dolphin’s Academy School is prepared to provide security and above all to prepare all users of the institution to comply with a drill schedule for any of these events, under the premise “If I take care of myself, I take care of you”.


Things that parents and visitors, who are within the institution, should know:

- Stay calm, follow the instructions at all times and the signs that direct you to the security points.

- Do not take any student without first notifying a teacher or administrator.


Things that parents outside the institution should know:

- In the event of an earthquake or earthquake: the protocol is activated and students will be evacuated to safe areas outside. The situation is assessed and students are sent home if necessary.

- In the event of a Tsunami alert: the institution is outside the danger zone. See attached Playas del Coco tsunami map.

- In case of Hurricane: Lessons are suspended and students are sent home.

Fire In The Building
- In the event of a building fire: Students are evacuated to safe meeting points outside and sent home. The institution has current and certified fire extinguishers in all pavilions, buses and common areas. The fire station is contacted if necessary.

Forest Fire
- In the event of a nearby forest fire: The situation is evaluated to see if it warrants the suspension of lessons and the fire station is contacted.


With experience in dealing with the global emergency against COVID-19, we understand that the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education must be followed, which collaborate with the health security of the entire population.


Currently active guidelines in the institution due to pandemic:

- Constant hand washing.

- Constant disinfection of work and play areas.

- Correct use of Facial Mask.

- Social distancing.

- Individual food consumption (not shared).

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