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Dolphins Academy has operated for over 18 years and there are approximately 250 students starting from Pre-school to 11th grade.  Throughout the history of this great institution, a large number of students have been granted scholarships to attend.  


More than forty percent of the students that attend Dolphins Academy have been financially supported by the school itself. 


To date, 100 % of graduates are fulfilling their dreams in national and international universities around the world.


Dolphin’s Academy School has also stood out for its social commitment, its educational support in the community, its great potential for solidarity with families and its hard work in favor of environmental education.  


It is an educational center where children and young people have the opportunity to develop their artistic creativity, their sports skills, their social skills, experiment through collaborative learning and create freely according to their possibilities and interests.


Dolphin’s Academy School, is a private, multicultural and bilingual educational institution, located in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste. This private academic institution is governed by its own internal regulations, respecting the guidelines and policies established by the MEP (Ministry of Public Education) of Costa Rica.



Dolphin's Academy School's mission is to contribute to the training of people, willing, respectful, physically active, happy, competitive with initiative, with healthy self-esteem, and committed to the environment, through comprehensive learning, based on principles and foundations of the study programs of the MEP, inducing in each and every one of their actions as agents of positive influence in society and the world.


Our vision is to achieve in a responsible and supportive way, to train people with integrity principles, through our services sensitized towards the needs of today's society and the future world.


  • Honesty

  • Responsability

  • Respect

  • Love            

  • Resilience

  • Justice

  • Loyalty

  • Tolerance

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Empathy

  • Peace

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